The Future's So Bright...

"Ok, gang, this is dead simple: just pipe a smiley mouth line, and stick a pair of sunglasses on top. That's IT. One curvy line, and a pair of sunglasses. You literally cannot screw this up."



"Let me revise that."


"Uh, Alice, maybe don't jam them down so far, k?"




"Cindy, these are terrifying."

"I like it."


"Look, Bobby, I understand that filling piping bags is hard, but I don't think your 'fish face' idea will fly with corporate."

("And are those the crackers from my lunch? Dude. NOT COOL.")


"Huh. Maybe this IS too hard for you guys."

[shouting] "Ok, everyone, we're going back to decorating cupcakes!"

"Maybe next year - if you're ready - we'll try sprinkles."


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