Symbol Crash!

We've learned by now to never ask a wreckerator to actually draw anything, but surely they can handle a simple paw print like this, right?

[insert loud, raucous laughter here]




Oh, sorry. I was trying to... [putting on sunglasses]... PAWS FOR EFFECT.


Granted, this Army 1st Sergeant insignia is little more complicated, but rest assured: if a baker tells you she can do it, SHE CAN DO IT.

Or she's working for the evil eye of Sauron.


This next one is a fancy-schmancy emblem you put on your car, I assume to brag about the fact that you enjoy tomato juice:


And this is the groom's cake a baker made after studying that symbol for a solid 3 seconds before proceeding to recreate it entirely from memory and plumber's putty:

Peanut gallery? Start your engines.


And finally, this wrecker has a cool party trick! Turn a Falcon:

...into a real turkey!

[head tilt]

Or maybe a Pac-Man ghost, eating a banana?


Thanks to Rosemary H., Sarah C., Kerry K., & Shai C. for proving once again cupcake cakes (patooie!) are for the birds.


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