Top 13 Telephone Wrecks

There are literal wrecks ("Just write Happy Birthday on it,") and then there are the wrecks that literally suffer from a game of Telephone. And they're fabulous.


"Too Legit To Quit"


"Welcome Home"


"Happy Birthday, Cowgirl!"




"Gettin' hitched!" (for a wedding shower)


"Happy Hanukkah!"


"Happy Birthday Beth & Libby!"

(And to think she used to be the life of the party.)


"Bye, Evan!"


"For Our Fearless Leader"

(At hour 5, she turns into a whimpering puddle of goo.)


"You're an ace!"


Here they asked for a big mouse with some little mice around it:



While on this one they wanted "blue camo" - as in "camouflage."

Most recently, of course, there was that Obama/Llama fiasco. Heh.


And finally, my favorite:

"Don't Take No For An Answer!"

It says "Don't Techno For An Answer." Which is officially one of my favorite things ever. Because now I want to, dangit.

Random Person: "So Jen, are you coming to our baby shower? We're serving one of those hee-LARIOUS vagina cakes!"

Me: [puts on sunglasses] [cranks techno music] [moonwalks away]


Thanks to Mary D., Amy D., Cat D., Rowenna O., Amy R., Jill S., Emily A., Karen B., Liz W., Sarah H., Helen, Yvonee D., & Dori K. for that new life goal.


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