International Failure Day Gets CAKE

Barb E. asked for Navy icing:

She got it.


Cindy M. just wanted the initial "G" for her 14-year-old daughter - but I guess that was TOO simple?


Jen and Pete asked the bakery to include paper plates and plastic silverware.


Pauline ordered a cake that said, "I hate you for leaving!"

...but sure, that's close enough.


Holli T. wanted the number 10 written as a number: "you know, with double digits."

Part of me hopes Alexis gets a great nickname outta this.



Charli C. made the mistake of telling her bakery who the cake was for:



And finally, Jared C. asked for rainbow sprinkles.

How do you mess up rainbow sprinkles?

Oh, like this:

Happy International Day For Failure, everybody!


Thanks to Barb E., Cindy M., Jen & Pete, Pauline R., Holli T., Charli C., & Jared C. for the head bangers.


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