Oprah's 8 Crazy Nights

Oprah just released her annual list of Favorite Things for the holidays, and at least one of them is getting a rise out of folks:

If your Hanukkah celebration lasts more than 8 nights, see your doctor.


If this perky pastry looks familiar, it's because I posted it last December:

Except my bread menorah came [snerk] with its own flour-y prose.

Yep, you could almost say my bread puns were... SECOND TO NAAN.


There can be only one conclusion from all of this, of course: Oprah is trolling Cake Wrecks for ideas.

So first off, Oprah, let me say:

And I mean that.


Second, since you're clearly looking for the kind of creative, out-of-the-box bakery options that make people laugh and then write incredulous online articles, I have a few more suggestions for your list!


1. Bread Snakes

Perfect for snake-lovers, ex-boyfriends, and 1/4 of Hogwarts students.


2. Invisible Football Pudding Cake Trays

A holiday touch down if ever I didn't see one.


3. A Giant Wad Of Frosting with Little Brownies Stuck To It

Or as I like to call it, a GWOFLBSTI.


4. These Things:

I think they're supposed to be some kind of bird.

Let's just agree they're turkeys.


And finally, the ultimate gift for those high-fashion ladies who get a little snacky while clubbing:

5. Cheesy Club Sandwich Shoes!

Be a PYT in your BLTs.


Thanks to everyone who sent in Oprah's list, plus Julie, Erin R., Carol B., Amanda, Lelac A., & Dorothy B., who's a shoe-in for Weirdest CW Sub Yet. (Get it? SUB? Heyooooo!)


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