It's The Most Wreckiest Time...

Don't you just love all the decorations this time of year? Everything's so colorful and cheerful and sparkly...

[side eye]



And then there are all the happy faces!



Not to mention the dazzling store displays:




Well, at least we know Geri loves Christmas:

Yeah, do it, Geri! It'll be the prettiest wedding evah.


I'll leave you with what is apparently a Doctor Who ugly Christmas sweater... cupcake cake [patooie!]:

As a geek girl, I can't decide if I should snort-laugh or applaud.
I'm torn, I tell you. TORN LIKE AN OLD CHRISTMAS SWEATER... cupcake cake. [patooie!]


Thanks to Julie B., Robyn C., Jill S., Christy S., Cathi R., & Heidi S. for the holly jolly wreck-fest.


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