The Way The Cookie Fumbles

I'll admit, it's not easy to wreck a cookie.

But where there's a will (and copious amounts of icing and edible images), THERE'S A WAY:



And since tomorrow is National Cookie Day, I figured I'd update you guys on my ever-growing collection of Ridiculously Decorated Gingerbread Men! (yaaay!)


...because even after 7+ years, these things never get old.

So many questions. So little clothing.


As always, my favorite designs tend to ignore the "man" part entirely:


Which can sometimes lead to awkward situations:

Don't worry, Mr. Elephant, I'm sure NO ONE is looking at your trunk.


Let's give this one the benefit of the doubt:

...and say it's a murder scene.

"Just a poodle claiming her latest victim, folks. Nothing to see here."


Speaking of which, I'm particularly fond of the heavy-falling-objects approach:

You scream, I scream, he definitely screamed.


And just when you think they've milked this whole gingerbread man shape for all its worth, along comes an udder triumph:

The gingerbread man has officially been cowed.


Thanks to Rebecca S., Jeannie W., Gary S., Mike H., Heidi R., Katie Q., Tom H., Letty B., & Rachel T. for the a-moo-sing finds.


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