Friday Favs 12/4/15

Some of my favorite new submissions this week.


This is what it looks like when the Walmart bakery officially runs out of ideas:

(I was going to blur the label, buuuuuut....)



You probably think this teddy bear design looks pretty simple, right?

Couple of circles, arms, legs, poof. Easy.



I'm most fascinated by the bow tie. How...?


The baker seemed confused by their request, so Chris B. clarified: "You know, a road that you drive on?"

The good news is, they DID get the road.


And finally, a tragic tableau, right there in the potato chip aisle:

[sad music playing]


Jason K. found this abandoned shopping cart on his latest snack run, and it tells a rich tale.
A tale of incompetence, good manners, and a fast get-away car:

Happy Bathby, Aangel. Wherever you are.


Thanks to Hannah H., Scott M., Jennifer B., Chris B., & Jason K. for potentially starting a new trend. We'll call it the "shop, drop, and RUN."


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