How To Celebrate National Hermit Week
(by a prefessional hermit)


Step 1) Cancel all your plans


I'm sure you can think of a good excuse.


Step 2) Stock up on essential food items




Step 3) Jazzercise

Just kidding.


Step 4) Raid the toy box and assemble a make-shift homage to your favorite blog:

(What, Hannah, no mohawk?)


Step 5) Stand at the window and wait for the mail to arrive:

Then hide when the postman rings the bell.


Step 6) Spend the rest of the afternoon trying to re-create that thing you saw on Pinterest:

(By Angelica Made Me)


...then give up and go watch Netflix.


Step 7) Realize you should have just started with Netflix to begin with:

Then Netflix for the rest of the week.




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