My Little Tony: Wreckage is Tragic

By now you may have heard about the Italian bakery that accidentally mistook a little girl's My Little Pony cake order for a Little TONY cake order:

(Apparently Little Tony was a singer back in the early 60s.)

(So, you know, SUPER popular with today's 9-year-olds.)


Of course we feel for little Evelina, having to endure an obscure 60's crooner stealing Pinkie Pie's rightful spotlight - but this being Cake Wrecks, we've also discovered the OTHER side of the wrecky coin.

Meet Tony, the birthday boy who just wanted his own name on his birthday cake:

....and maybe for people to stop stacking their laundry on it.



Ah, but you're in luck! We ordered you a new cake, Tony, and we even asked the baker to add some crushed nuts on top, since we heard you like those.


Well, ain't that a kick in the... head.



Thanks to Eva G., Bridgett M., & Whitney N., who actually wanted her cake to look like that... so I recommend staying on her good side.


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