July Wrecks Forth

"Ok, staff, July 4th is coming and we need new cake designs. I'm talking stuff that screams, 'AMERICA.'" [pointing] "Jackie, GO."

"Uh... butterflies?"

"I like it. Pat?"


"Maybe a gator-lookin' thing?"

"Smart thinking; we'll ride the dinosaur craze. Gail?"

"Um. Poo cupcakes?"

"We already make those, Gail."

"... with red, white, and blue sprinkles?"



"Wesley, my man! Give me something sexy."

"Ok, you're going to love this. Picture, if you will..." [jazz hands] "...FLOPPY WANG."

"Ooooh, EDGY.


"But just to be safe, you better stick to your burning trashcans."

"I told you, they're not..."

[Everyone all together] "Shut up, Wesley."


"Now, Sally, baby! Whaddaya got that screams 'AMERICA'?"

"It's like you're the only one who gets me, Sally."


Thanks to Anna S., Cassidy T., Madison W., D.E., Emma D., & Caroline and Elyse for the thumbs up.


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