Embrace Your Geekness Day

There are many flavors of geekdom, my friends, but not to worry; these bakers can wreck 'em all.


"Oh, you want a Minecraft cake in green and black?


"I don't see what other bakers are complaining about. These things are easy!"


Chris found out the hard way what happens when you try to describe Captain America's shield to someone who's never seen it: "There's a blue circle inside a red and white circle with a star... and... uh..."

Sure. That's close enough.


One of my favorite geeky genres is steampunk, but that's another one that's hard to describe in a pinch.

Even so, you'd think telling a baker to decorate with some "gears and old clock faces" would get you KIND of close, buuuuttt....


(I like how the baker just poured piles of gold sprinkles over the "gears.")


You know what's great about the TARDIS from Doctor Who? It's a big rectangle. A RECTANGLE.
How much easier does it GET for... uh...



Steph ordered her own Doctor Who cake somewhere in the middle East, so naturally she wrote the words down in English for the bakery, just to be safe.

Here's a Cake Wreck's first, though: somehow the paper got flipped upside down, and...

Doctor Who?

No, Doctor OHM. (Or "WHO" upside down. Bwahaha!)


And finally, let's finish up our mini-Doctor Who streak with a not-too-wrecky but very funny wedding cake topper:



Thanks to Jerry J., Chris K., Jennifer B., Sarah Y., Steph R., & Anony M., for the Who-bilation.


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