Getting To Know You...

It's Getting To Know Your Customers Day!

So, bakers, I thought I'd introduce you to a few from the CW audience:







That little boy's face = me when I see a Whoopie Pie.


(That's the bride in green.)


Oh, and the next time you decide to cover a cake with black icing, bakers, please:



It's not all bad, though. In fact, Becky's 6-year-old daughter just found the cake she wants for her next birthday, and it's totally do-able.


From the Cake Wrecks book, no less!

Becky, you're clearly raising this kid right. Kudos.

And bakers, don't screw this one up. Or if you do, please remind Becky to send me a picture. :D


Thanks to Dawn S., Larissa S., Susan D., Jan M., Carol Ann, Brianna A., Christiana M., Amanda H., Kim C., & Becky S. for seeing "Dead People."


And now,

Cannot. Handle. Teh cute.


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