Sunday Sweets Goes Under The Sea

Today Sunday Sweets really takes a dive...

(By Shani's Sweet Creations)

...into undersea sweetness!


Yep, we're going to celebrate all things beneath the waves, like colorful coral and friendly octopodes:

(By Jacqueline Marie's Custom Cakes)


Enormous hump-backed blue whales:

(By Ron Ben-Israel Cakes)


And a little of everything, like in this gorgeous hand-painted vignette:

(By My Sweet Cosette)



Prefer something more cartoony and cute? GOT IT:

(By Fantasticakes Cecile Crabot)

Is it wrong to admit that *I* want this cake? Or at least all the googly-eyed creatures? SO CUTE.


Ooh, now check out this stylin' modern design:

(By Planet Cake)

That trail of bubbles? Genius.


Speaking of modern, I'm digging this abstract mermaid and starfish topper:

(By Gulnaz Mitchell Cake Design)

It almost has a stained glass feel to it, right?


LOVE the colors in this stack of sea urchins:

(By Cakelava)

If you look closely, you can see colorful little fish near the base, too!


Of course we can't have an "Under the Sea" theme without a certain red-headed mermaid:

(By Fabricake, based on the art of Tim Shumate)

She's just a bit more grown-up in this version. ;)

I like how the art is layered to give it depth, almost like a paper-cutting.


What else do you find under the sea? Ship wrecks and pirate treasure, of course!

(By Roses & Bows Cakery)

The aging on this is beeeeeaauuutiful. The sprinkling of sand! The curled up "map!" I even like the green snaily guy.


And finally, the ultimate undersea Coral Reef cake:

(By Cakes By Kim Simons)

Complete with a swimming sea turtle topper!

There's so much to see on this one, I'm *still* finding hidden fish. And do I spy little moray eels?


Happy Sunday, everyone!


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