Sunday Sweets Gets Crafty

Any crafters out there?

Since I spend most of my time working online, I go a little crazy if I don't take time out each week to physically make something. It can be so satisfying working with your hands, and flexing those creative muscles, you know?

So what better theme for this week's Sweets?


(By Fancy Nancy Cakes)

Look at all that cheerful patchwork! Love the colors.



(By Shams D)

D'aww, the little easel with a cupcake painting!
Digging the little paperclips & scissors on the board, too.


Cross Stitch:

(By Alina Vaganova of Dolce Arte)

Talk about jaw-dropping: look at all that delicate lace, and the hand painting that looks like porcelain!
Not to mention the insanely intricate cross-stitch piping. WOW.



(By Sweet Treasures Cakes)

Gotta have baking in here, am I right? And this is so cute, I can hardly stand it. The little measuring spoons! The shaker! And the piping bag - made of cake - which frankly is hurting my brain a little.



(By Sweetlin)

I had to look three times to verify that these are, in fact, edible. But I wouldn't mind having a yarn set lined up on my desk right now!


And one more, since I couldn't resist these "crocheted" flowers:

(By Cake Central member Bien)

All made with molds, I believe. Ahh-mazing.



I couldn't decide on this one, either, so you get two! First, a modern machine:

(By Rosebud Cakes)

Which, yes, is ACTUALLY CAKE.


And now a pretty vintage model!

(By Jeanne Winslow Cake Design)

With more of that incredible, edible lace!



(By Imaginarium Cakes)

Another one that blew my mind; if it didn't have "cake" right there in the name you'd never believe it either, right?



(By Sweet Hope)

So many great yarn basket cakes out there now, but this one caught my eye for its cheerful colors, perfect basket weave, and that fun knitted piece on the board.


And finally, for the artists out there:

Pencil Art:

(By Istofaz)

How funky cool is this?? Gravity-defying tiers, clever faux shavings, pencils going every which way - it's genius, I tell you. GENIUS.


Hope your Sunday is just as Sweet, guys!


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