Friday Favs- 9/11/15

Some of my favorite new submissions this week.


Ever feel like bakers are speaking a whole 'nother language?


(Yes, yes, I realize you can't expect bakeries to know other languages. I also realize this is still funny.)


I've learned over my years here at CW that if I don't understand a cake design, it's probably a sports ball thing. So tell me, sports ball peeps:

Da heck?


I'm going to mix things up and do today's Missed Mark in reverse.
Let's see if you can guess what this is supposed to be:

I'll even give you a hint: it's school related.

Give up?

That's ok. So did the baker.

(Why would someone want an apple core cake anyway? What's next, cakes of crumbled milk cartons and used pudding cups?)


Usually I blur out bakery labels, but this next one was a paid ad. So clearly, Walmart WANTS everyone to see it:


(That was my impression of a wookiee roar. I can tell you're impressed.)


And finally:


...and here WE were all hoping for a baby.


Thanks to Jon S., Brittany W., Katelyn C., Lynaa W., & Matthew K. for taking us to the gun and glitter show.


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