Sunday Sweets ROCKS

Cake lovers, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!

'Cuz today we're getting all the bands back together... in cake form.

And by "all the bands" I mean some of the bands that happen to have amazing tribute cakes.

So hold those lighters high, my friends - in case some of these come with candles.


The Rolling Stones:

(By Sugar Rush Cakes)

You CAN get satisfaction, provided the birthday girl shares.


Pink Floyd:

(By Yummies)

We don't need no thought control... but we *could* use another slice, thanks.



(By Un Jeu d'Enfant)

John tells me I can't include Bjork in this list because she's not classic rock, but I like the cake, John, so there.


For the fan who can't choose just ONE group:

(By Gian Paolo Panizzolo)


Also not classic rock, but ABBA's still a classic in my book:

(By The Designer Cake Company)

♪ Young and sweet, only buttercream! ♫

(Eh? EH??)
(Of course, this cake is also fondant, so that's really messing with my rhyme.)


Bon Jovi:

(By Pink Cake Box)

I'm all about that hair. :D


The Beatles:

(By Marzia Caruso Cake Design)

I bet this took more than a hard day's night.


Guns N' Roses:

(By Kupkake Tree)

And this one took plenty of patience.



(By Just for the Cake of It)

And this? This took the baker all night long.



(By Elisabeth Palatiello)

Sure to make you smile all night and party every day!


And last but never least:

David Bowie:

(By Laura Ally)

Sweet Ziggy Stardust, you will be missed.

(Though to me, you'll always be the Goblin King who makes the world fall down.)


Happy Sunday, everybody!


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