5 Resolutions Anyone Can Keep. BALLS.

How are those New Year's resolutions coming, minions? Did you already ditch the ol' "get up earlier, work out, and eat better" thing? SO WITH YOU.

Really, we should just pick easier goals... and then reward ourselves. With cake. For picking goals.
Because baby steps.

Here, I'll kick us off:


In 2016 I Resolve To:

- Be more compassionate.

But I'm still not giving this cake back.


- Volunteer for a worthy cause every month.

I promise at least John will be "awear".


- Spend more time with the ones I love.

Cider beer, if you please, John.


- Communicate exactly what *I* want from a relationship.

But better make it chocolate.


And finally, the no-brainer:

- Start ending every sentence with an exasperated "BALLS."

Like most of this blog, that one makes more sense after a few cider beers.


Thanks to Matthew S., Kristin E., Pate C., Alyson A., & Jackie for resolving those issues for us. BALLS.


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