They're All Mad There

Right, minions, let's do this one by the numbers.

Here's what Michael B. asked for:


Aaaaand here's what he got:

So something here clearly doesn't add up.


And if you thought numbers were hard - which, let's be honest, you did not - imagine the issues a wreckerator might have trying to recreate THIS:

Yep, someone wanted a cake Mason jar.
(I blame Pinterest.)

In fact, not just one someone, TWO someones!

Here's Someone #1's version:

I am raising a single eyebrow SO HARD right now.


Aaaaand Someone #2's:

Which is appropriate, since it's definitely bringing to mind #2.


And finally, Trevia ordered this lovely Alice in Wonderland cake:

...minus the teapot and epic "ONEderland" pun.


Even if you believe six impossible things before breakfast, this one's a little hard to swallow:

Though it definitely made someone mad. o.0


Thanks to Michael B., Crystal B., Stephanie H., & Trevia M. for taking the fall down that rabbit hole for us.


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