Sunday Sweets Gets SPOOPY


Sorry, I'm on a spoopy kick now.



And by "spoopy" I of course mean all things creepy, spine-tingling, and delicious. Extra bonus: everything today would be perfect for themed weddings. That's right:


Let's do this.

(By Miss Ladybird Cakes)

Starting off with a classic. Never underestimate the power of a tasteful blood splatter, my friends.


Or if that's too fresh for you:

(By Wild Orchid Baking Company, now Erin Bakes)

This reminds me of the Skull Garden art I just featured on Epbot. Who knew flowers and skulls could be so lovely?


Also amazing? This airbrush work:

(By Lacey's Cake Shop)

Plus the oh-so-subtle spiderweb and toned flowers. I bet Lydia Deetz would approve.


Look closely at the texture on this next one:

(By Buttercream & Photo by Bellagala here)

It's a tile mosaic! An edible, hand-painted tile mosaic. Love it.


[Ghost Host Voice] "Is this next Sweet actually a subtle Haunted Mansion homage? Or is it your imagination? Hmmm?"

(By Very Unique Cakes)

Check out the wallpaper pattern and sculpted candelabra, Dizgeeks. SWOON. (I'm also completely in love with the roses and cake stand feet. And how the cake seems to float!)


While we're talking homages, this one reminds me of the bone cake in Corpse Bride:

(By Lily Vanilli, tutorial at the link)

Get this: the "bones" are made of meringue! One of the rare times I've seen meringue used sculpturally. Diggin' it.


When I mentioned to Sharyn (my friend and CW guest writer) that I was aiming for "Gothic, creepy, & elegant" this week, she replied, "So, all Sweetlake Cakes?" Ha!

(By Sweetlake Cakes)

You see her point, though. Sweetlake practically wrote the book on Gothic cakes. Those lacy ruffles! And most of their work looks like this!


Which isn't to say something a bit simpler can't be just as stunning:

(By Domestic Goddess)

Can you marry a cake? Because hnnnnnnnggg.


The acid green rose is perfection against this black-and-white silhouette:

(By Michelle the Cake Chef, featured here)


I could have sworn I showed you guys this next one last year, but now I can't find it, so let's see if anything.. catches your eye:

(By Jeanne Winslow Cake Design)

See what I did there?

Eyeball flowers! With bonus skeleton hands!

(I made an eyeball flower wreath last year, but I gotta say, this is way prettier. Can you hang a cake on a door?)


And finally, let's end with the spoopiest of haunted carousels:

(By Bellaria Cake Design)

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked awesome this way comes."

So stunning.


Hope you all enjoyed the spooptacular Sweets! Happy Sunday!


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