The Post-Halloween Blues (And Drippy Oranges)

'Twas the week after Halloween,
(Such a sad tale to tell),
Of all the spooptacular cakes
That somehow failed to sell.


Dried up pumpkin donuts,


Poltergeists calling, "Bo bo"


Plus all manner of K-K-Kupcakes

...a definite "No-No."


Runny candy corn noses,


And all things smeary and old,


Is it really a wonder
That this one never sold?



So farewell, poop-kin river,


Farewell, slime-haired wrecks!

And brace yourselves, minions;
Thanksgiving is next.


Thanks to Elizabeth M., Attia S., Kat L., Andrea M., Janet P., Jodee R., Amy W., Chris V., & Amy J. for the spoopy send-off.


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