Fantastic Sweets And Where To Find Them

Have you seen Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them yet? If so, LUCKY! ...and no spoilers, if you please. John and I are planning to see it this Wednesday, so while I count down the days, let look at some of the more delicious Fantastic Beasts out there:

(By CakeCentral member Janice76)

Heck yeah, I'm starting with a dragon! Know why? 'Cuz dragons are SO HOT right now.
[ba dum CHA]

Also, I'm loving the way that cake board is cut.


I think we can all agree the Merpeople from the Potter films were kind of terrifying, but this stained glass version - complete with Harry's golden egg! - is simply stunning:

(By BunsInTheOven Cupcakery)


Since I haven't seen Fantastic Beasts yet I don't actually know which creatures are in it... but fingers crossed there's a Jackalope in a bowtie:

(By Sideserf Cake Studio)

JACKALOPE IN A BOWTIE, you guys. Yesss.


Or maybe a giant squid?

(By Crazy sweets)

Just because these actually exist doesn't make them any less fantastic. Am I right?


I'm putting another mermaid in here, and you can't stop me:

(By Sweet Love Cake Couture)

That shimmery purple tail! Ah! Plus her starfish friends are the cutest.


And while I'm repeating myself:

(By Margie Carter Cake World)


(For real, though, look closely at those wings. They're translucent! THIS IS AMAZING.)


And speaking of firey creatures, here's the ultimate self-starter:

(By Raewyn Read Cake Design)


(John and I are throwing a Harry Potter Christmas party next month, and I SO want a Fawkes like this for the dining room. If it helps, John, sweetie, ours doesn't have to be edible. :D)


Here's my co-writer Sharyn's favorite: Hippocampi!

(By Steel Penny Cakes)

Easy to see why; that stained glass design is jaw-dropping, and look at the watercolor blending in the tails!


One more on my wish list of Potter pets:

(By Über Angel Cakes and Events)

The Monster Book of Monsters!
It's hard enough to make one of these out of fake fur and clay - can you believe this one is actually dessert? So much talent.


Ooh, this is fun: a bunch of bakers got together to make a Fantastic Beasts collection of cakes, so here's one creature I CAN tell you is in the movie:

(From Fantastic Beasts Of Birthday Mischief, by CakesDecor member Stacked)

It's called a Firecrab, and isn't it pretty?


We couldn't find any Pygmy Puff cakes, so instead, how about a Geode Fairy?

(By Tourtes Georgias)

Hnnng. So. Pretty. The hair is what really makes it; love that flow.


And finally, let's end with MY personal favorite:

(By Kara's Couture Cakes)

The troll.

Bahahah! It's the face, you guys. I LOVE THAT FACE.

Happy Sunday!


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