...But It's Still Better Than A Peach Candle

'Tis the season... TO RE-GIFT!

That's right, minions, now's the time to gather up all those unwanted soap sets, bottles of wine, and peach candles, and hastily foist them on your unsuspecting in-laws!

So in that spirit, I (re)give you: RE-GIFTED CAKES!

Ahh, but how do you re-gift a cake, you ask? Like this:

They'll never know.


Or like this!

Just blame the baker. After 8+ years, I've made that SUPER easy.


Is that office cake from last month still sitting around? PERFECT:



OK, but what if you only have one cake to re-gift, but lots of people to re-gift to?

Got ya covered:


Just like fancy soaps or DVDs, it's all about the packaging. As long as it's sealed properly, no one can question whether it's used or not!

Well, this one might raise a question or two.
Especially if you have chocolate smears on your face.


I like to have a re-gift cake on hand for those unexpected occasions:

Just fill in the blank!


Of course, sometimes a re-gifted cake needs a little work.

Like when you HAVE a pink-and-orange butterfly cake, but NEED a Spider-Man one.

BAM. Spiderweb-wrapped butterfly.

It's a re-gifted cake miracle!


Thanks to Cheri H., Amanda G., Michelle G., Becky, Eric A., Ben H., & Anony M. for the gifts that keep on giving.


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