Sunday Sweets: Christmas Cuties

If there was a disturbance on your roof last night,

(By LallabyCakes)


If there are ornaments you don't remember on the tree,

(By Zoe's Fancy Cakes)


If all the birds in the neighborhood are suddenly sporting winter wear,

(By CakesDecor member Diletta Contaldo)


Or there's a barely-contained bear in your house,

(By Cakeheads)


If you tought you taw a puddy tat,

 (By Christian Giardina)


And you met a snowman who's really sweet, even if he is a bit square,

(By Cakes by Susan)


Then, if you're very wise - and I know you are...

(By Torty a la Myska)'ll know someone has paid a visit.

(By Cheeky Munch Cakes)


And the only thing better than Santa Claus coming to town?

(By Mordida Mordida Pastelaria)

Santa Claus coming for dessert.



Now there's only one thing left to say!

(By That Baking Girl)

Merry Christmas!

I hope your day is Sweet.


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