The Best/Worst Valentine Cakes To Give Someone You Love

Wonky hearts and cupid bows are so predictable.

Why not spice up this Valentines Day with something a little... you know... [eyebrow waggle]



Of course you want to leave some things to the imagination:

As big as WHAT can be, you ask?

Well, now, [WINK] that's up to YOU to... ok, a rainbow. They meant the rainbow. Happy?


There's also the direct approach:

("Bloody L, I can't tell if I should censor this or not!")


But try not to confuse your baker:

For once I'm siding with the seller - 'cuz that shiz is hilarious.


And finally, the best/worst Valentines cake for anyone who loves cake, Tom Selleck, edible chest hair, and, of course, the word "moist."



Thanks to Anony M., Chris T., Linda H., Kim W., & Carley C. for the classic Cake Wrecks throwback.


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