Friday Favs 2/12/16

A few of my favorite submissions this week:


You and me both, Tiffany:

You and me both.


Her baby's name is Izzy, but apparently the bakery thought Bonnie was a fan of Japanese cars?


Meanwhile, Laura asked for a "big monogrammed P" on her cake:

I'll be honest, I was kinda hoping that would go a different way.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this next cake, you guys:

It is glorious and should inspire all your future birthday cakes.



The History Of This Next Cake, Which Is Also My Favorite This Week:

Baker: "Oh wow, these icing roses turned out GORGEOUS!"

[head tilt]

...I should add a bunch of sh*t around them."


Thanks to Tiffany H., Bonnie F., Laura C., Dawna Z., & Mindy H. for helping me give John the best Valentines present: my man LOVES him some poop jokes. YOU'RE WELCOME, BABE.


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