Sunday Sweets For YOU, Valentine

Happy Valentines Day, minions!

I'm afraid I don't have boxes of chocolates or teddy bears for you, but I DO have this cuteness right here:

(By Sweet Bakes)

All together, now: D'AWWWWWW.


Yep, just consider this post my Valentine to all of you:

(By Sweet K Cake Design)

I'll even AIM to keep the painful puns on the DOWN BOW.

(John: That's really the best pun you've got?


You know what's better than Valentines heart candy?

(By My Cake School)


And also anything with chocolate in it.

(Make a note, better halves.)


Here's a classic in red, white, and black:

(By Butterbug Cakes)


And a less traditional pink, white, and GOOOOOLD:

(By Hey There, Cupcake!)

How cool is that marble texture?

And you DID read "goooold" in Goldmember's voice, right?



I'm loving these rich purple accents:

(By Paula Chammas)


And these handwritten "love" notes!

(By Hazel Wong Cake Design)


This lacy, ruffly masterpiece is stunning - so is it wrong that I'm most impressed by how the hearts match the cake stand?

(By Precious Taarten)



And finally, a giant cake rose that manages to look even prettier once it's cut:

(By Cake Style, video tutorial here)

Ooooh. Aaaaa.

You should watch the video, too; she makes it seem like something even us mere mortals could make.


Have a great Valentines, everyone! Here's to all the lovers, dreamers, friends, family, and furbabies who make our lives Sweet.

(And also to CAKE, because caaaaake.)


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