How (Not) To Practice Proper Etiquette With Cake

It's National Etiquette Week, a time of reflection on how we, too, can be more etiquettey.

So let's start with our cakes, shall we? I mean, this is a cake blog, you like looking at cakes... it just all kinda works.



1) Don't talk about poo.


2) Or have edible icing poo.


3) Or have pictures of Pooh on poo.

Seriously, you people are starting to worry me.


4) Don't talk about money


5) Or the birthday girl's recent weight gain.



And finally, and most importantly:

6) Don't go into the kitchen at your friend's party and cut yourself a slice of cake before they do the whole candles-and-song thing, like this guy:

Not cool, man. NOT COOL.


Thanks to Rachel B., Alison T., Jerri C., Gomez, Jessica S., Diana K., Anony M., & Nathan M. for making us all better etiquetters. Go forth and etiquette good, peeps!


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