Reprehensible, Immoral, Also Hilarious

Warning: "Seriously, John? You want me to put a warning on this?! This is the internet, man!"
You have been warned.


Minions, I don't want you going off half-cocked today.

You should always be FULLY cocked, when possible.
Especially if your last name is Cox.


Or if you don't understand why people are sniggering in the spice aisle:

"I hear it's good in tacos and... WHY IS EVERYONE LAUGHING?!"


Look, my point is, I don't think this fig leaf is working:


So the next time you want to make a doggy cookie, bakers, maybe, you know, watch your positioning:



Thanks to Susan N., Samantha, Kay M., Sarah D., & Kathy W. for all the dirty, dirty jokes we're going to have to moderate today. Aww YEEEEAH.


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