Sunday Sweets: CAKE-CEPTION!

From the moment I first saw a cartoony cake, I knew I would forever love cartoony cakes.

(By Andrea's SweetCakes)

The big rounded edges, the wonky angles, the bright colors...! You guys, I wish all my food looked like cartoon food.


Of course no one calls them "cartoony cakes", which is why they're impossible to search for online. There are hamburger cakes and butterfly cakes and even giant cupcake cakes - but what keywords do you search for cake cakes?

(By Wendy's Taarten)


Well, whatever you call them, the fact that these are cake versions of cake is pretty much the greatest thing ever. And a little mind-bending. In a good way.

(By Make The Cake)

And did I mention how stinkin' cute they are? Because ERMERGERSH SO CUTE.


If it's mind-bending to slice into a cake cake, imagine slicing into a cake bowl of batter:

(By Southin Style Cakes)


Or a cake bowl of icing WITH a cake Kitchen Aid mixer!

(By Cindy's Cake Creations)

::sound of mind being blown::


Ahh, but the cake-ception goes deeper, because some bakers combine their cake cakes with OTHER sweet fakery:

(By Vera Gatafera)

Like giant Oreo cookies.


Or life-sized macarons and cups of tea:

(By nice icing)


Or just multiple types of CAKE:

(By El Taartero Real)

Though I like the little kitchen on the bottom!


This one is especially drool-worthy:

(By Mia Cakes House)

I'm not even a froofy coffee drinker, but I want those whipped-cream-covered froofy coffees!


But to complete the circle of our meta cake-ception, I have to end with this:

(By Roxy Cakes)

Because even I am questioning what kind of cakes are inside each tier. o.0
Especially the "cheesecake." What flavor do you suppose that one is inside?
And is anyone else's brain hurting now? Ha!


Hope you all enjoyed the cake cakes! Happy Sunday!


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