Hamilton Gets (Cake) Wrecked

I'm a bit dehydrated after last night's Tony Awards (PS, John, we need more tissues), but it was so worth it. Almost as many laughs as tears, great music, and my newest obsession, Hamilton, swept up 11 awards.

I realize many of you have yet to drink the revolutionary Kool-Aid, though, and are still a little fuzzy on what exactly Hamilton is.

So here to further fuzz it up - and make my fellow Hamiltonians snorfle - are some of the show's top songs... illustrated with wrecky cakes.



My Shot

I don't think he's throwing this one away, you guys.
(Ignore the nipple.)
(It's not that kind of show.)


The Story Of Tonight

Oh, they'll be telling this one, all right.


Right Hand Man

Yeah... that's not the choice I would've gone with.
(Not to point fingers or anything.)



Prediction: they will never be satisfied.


You'll Be Back

"Time will tell. You'll remember that I served you well."


Wait For It



Stay Alive

Just one slice. That would be enough.


Say No To This

"Uh-oh! Time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled!"


The World Turned Upside Down:

I see you smiling over there, George.


One Last Time

"We're gonna teach 'em how to say goodbye!"

"... which may take a while."


Best of Wives And Best of Women

She knows who she married: he's out standing in his field.


Thanks to Dana S., Camirae, V.W., Nicole V., Aurora C., Shannan P., Anna C., Kathryn R., Andrea W., Katie M., Kathryn T., & Carrie D. for the excuse to make nerdy Broadway jokes today, because after last weekend, I needed this.

And for my fellow Hamiltonians, a helpful PSA:

Though personally, I don't want to be cured. ;)


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