We can only post what you minions send in, and lately there's been a dry spell in everyone's favorite department:

So imagine my delight when we got three wedding wrecks this week! And I'm not talking the Bridezilla-ish "I wanted sand beige and the baker gave us ecru" - these are actually horrible!


Maybe I shouldn't be this happy about that.


Luanne H. writes, "We hired a local catering lady to do our cake. She showed up 45 minutes late, and THIS IS THE CAKE SHE PRESENTED TO US!!!


Yep, I'd say that's a wreck that deserves all caps and three exclamation marks, Luanne. Condolences.



Jessi H. writes, "When I showed the baker this cake, her literal reaction was, 'That's it? That's all you want? That's so simple!'"

Hey, confidence is good, right?
Unless of course it's on THIS blog, so... BUCKLE UP.

Please, Jessi, do go on.


"The day of the wedding, during the cake cutting, we joked about how we really didn't know how to cut it, but it didn't matter because we couldn't possibly make it look worse."

Ahh, but then...


They took the greenery off.




And finally, Stevie R. writes: "I paid $400 for this..."


"...and got this:"



Thanks to Luanne H., Jessi H., and Stevie R. for sharing your pain. And to the rest of you, don't you have a wedding wreck to send us?!


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