Sunday Sweets Sings the Blues

Ever get the urge to make up your own Blues jam? Or is that just me?

[picks up electric guitar]
[adjusts mic]
[inexplicably starts singing like Louis Armstrong]

Saw a blue cake this morning...

(By Lucia Simeone)

Da DAA da dum

But I don't mean it's sad...

(By Beyond the Frosting)

Da DAA da dum

'Cause when I see these blue cakes...

(By The Clever Little Cupcake Company)

Da DAA da dum

Oooohh, they make me so glad...

(By Rebekah Naomi Cake Design)


And now I've got the blues...

(By Sweetlake Cakes)



Baby, I've got the blues...

(By A Pocket Full of Sweetness)



(By Nadia & Co, as seen on Wedluxe)



(By Steel Penny Cakes)


Starry Night!

(By Sandra Monger Cake Design)


These blues make me feel riiiight.

(By Sweet Love)


So glad
I've got the blues.

(By Barr Mansion)

Oh yeeeeeaaaaah.


Happy Sunday!


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