Sunday Sweets: Minion Mashup

Ever since I first saw "Despicable Me," I've been telling everyone that what I really need are minions.

(By Kidacity)

(And that unicorn. He's so fluffy I'm gonna DIE!)

Well, apparently I'm not the only one who thinks a few minions would make everything work a whole lot better.


Maybe it's time the minions stepped out of their subordinate roles and fulfilled their true destinies!

For example, I think minions would make great superheroes. I mean, look at these guys:

(By Sugarnomics Cake Studio Guam)

Aren't they marvels?

(You'd have to be totally Loki to take them on.)


Besides, minions are naturally flea-resistant:

(By Tessa Tina Cakes)

... so ol' Wolverinion there would be a lot less likely to get itchy at an awkward moment and accidentally give himself a close shave.


Seriously. Don't you agree we need more minions fighting for truth, justice and the American way?

(By Cecilia's Custom Sugar Art)

Super. (Hey, we don't know where minions came from. It could have been Krypton.)


I've always considered minions alien in origin, so it really wouldn't be that big a surprise to find they have a few intergalactic cousins:

(By Wooden Heart Cakes)

The farce is strong in this one.


Or maybe they took the Police Box and went on a little planetary road trip.

(By The Bunny Baker)

Go ahead and blink -- I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.
(Did anyone else blink away a few tears during the 50th Anniversary special? Uh, me neither... *sniff*)


They might have even visited the Monster's Inc. world.

(By Cakes-n-Crafts)

Not that I'm trying to sully anyone's reputation...


Of course, they could be plain old earth creatures who got hit with a minion ray or had a strand of DNA go out of whack. They could just be regular -- well, relatively regular -- guys with regular jobs.

(By My Sweet Obsession)

Somebody has to make sure the trains run on time.


Heck, a few minions working at Disney could make it a Whole New World.

(Baker unknown. Anybody know who made this fantastic cake?)

To start with, there'd be a lot more songs featuring banana karaoke.


A little minion DNA might even make Cartman more iconic.

(By Ivy Jane's Bakery)

Of course, it might also give him access to Gru's arsenal.

Maybe not...


You know, I'm feeling pretty good about all the ways minions could be integrated into my life.

What about you guys?

(By My Sweet Obsession)

Heeeyyy. How you doin'?



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