Sunday Sweets: Gingerbread Bliss

There's something so approachable about gingerbread houses:

(By SpiceCakeHouse, Russia)

You see a gorgeous one like this, and think to yourself, "Y'know, with just a little more training, patience, artistic ability, time, and talent, I could make that."

Then you laugh and laugh, and keep scrolling through all the jaw-dropping Sunday Sweets that few of us mere mortals could ever hope to match.

Wise choice.

(By Brennie's Cake House The Netherlands)

Isn't this a hoot?
(Yes, I went there.)


Of course every baker has a different take on "gingerbread house."

There's the traditional snow covered house:

(By Elena Bondarenko, Russia)


Or there's a sandy beach hut for our friends in warmer climates/hemispheres:

(By Catherine Beddall Edible Art, Canada)

(It's just waiting for Sandy Claus.)


A sweet flower-bedecked cottage:

(By Olesia Gul, Turkey)


And the flowers could have come from this clever greenhouse:

(By Silverodlan, Sweden)

The gelatin sheet windows are genius.


Or how about a totally different kind of green house?

(Find the step-by-step tutorial here, by Sugar and Cloth, Texas)

Now we're rolling.


Or we could go to London; a book I read said this place is there somewhere:

(By Haniela's, Pennsylvania)

Can somebody please help me find it?

Seriously. I need to talk to the owls about a letter they misplaced.
And because they're adorable.


I know, let's ask Alice:

(By Petite Fille by Sai)

She's always finding wonderful places.


And since a lot of Alice's adventures were dreams, let's end with this gravity-defying "dream house."

(By Cakes by Beatriz, Canada)

Wow. The longer I stare, the more incredible details I see. The grass! The window etchings! And I'm pretty sure that second floor is straight-up floating.

So who's ready to make a gingerbread house now? Or maybe just eat some cookies? (WISE CHOICE.)

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope it's extra Sweet.


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