Sunday Sweets For Puzzle Lovers

I used to be embarrassed by how much I like jigsaw puzzles, but now I just brew a pot of tea, throw an afghan over my lap for the cats, and embrace it. (Yep, nights are PRET-TY wild here at the Yates household.)

And since today is National Puzzle Day, we'll need some cakes to go with this tea, right?

(By Cakery Creation)

Look at this sweetie! With the little hearts, it'd be perfect for Valentines.


Have you heard of puzzle cookies? Because this is such a cool idea:

(By Sweet, inspired by Sweet Treats)

Like an edible jigsaw puzzle!


I like how that one comes jumbled in a box, but there are lots of other gorgeous designs out there, too:

(By Cookies Art by Shirlyn)

Pony carousel!


Of course there are more puzzles than just jigsaws. Anyone else a Tetris fan?

(By Sweet Gems Wedding Cakes, which appears to be permanently closed.)


Or how about the classic Rubik's cube?

(By CakeCentral member ShamsD)

I've never solved one of these - but to be fair, I give up after 90 seconds.

(I don't have a cake version of it, but I'm currently obsessed with a puzzle globe that requires you to lead a tiny metal ball through 100 different steps. I've solved each of the three sections separately, but so far not all 100 in a row. SOMEDAY.)


Let's get back to traditional puzzle pieces, though, because this wedding topper?

(Baker unknown. Photo by Captured Photography)



And here's a gravity-defying design:

(By Sharon Peled)

Look closely; I think the puzzle box picture is Starry Night!


Aha, I thought of two more puzzle types:

(By CakesDecor member Kelly Stevens)

Wait - does a word search count as a puzzle?


Well, I know these count:

(By Coocakecachoo)

Crossword puzzles! Specifically Cryptic Crosswords for me, where the clues are mini word puzzles themselves. They're either extremely frustrating or great fun, depending on how often you get them right. (I have to cheat a lot, but I love them.)


And finally, the sweetest wedding cake puzzle:

(By The Fondant Flinger)

Isn't it loverly?


Hope you guys enjoyed today's Sweet puzzles! I'll leave you with a picture of the one I'm working on now - 2,000 pieces of Disney stained-glass gorgeousness:

Ooooh. Ahhhh.

(It's on Amazon here.)

Happy Sunday!


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