You know that song from Tangled that always makes you cry?

This isn't that song.


[Spotlight on a single, burly baker]

It's delicious, creamy, dairy
I use so much it's scary

And design-wise, my cakes are not the neatest.


But with lots of yummy gook
There are flaws you'll overlook!

That's why I always pile on the sweetness.

Can't you see me at the counter making those hearts?
Piping on the icing in thick streams

Though it may look kinda deadly
As it sits there, swirling redly.
My motto's always been "More Buttercream!"

[chorus line of baker emerge from the shadows]


More Buttercream!
More Buttercream!

See, it's really quite as viscous as it seems!

Don't know what to call this creature
But more frosting is a feature!

I'll always choose to use more buttercream.


[second baker steps to mic]

It's got scars and lumps and bruises
Plus something here that oozes:

But still, to me, it's burger cake perfection

And despite handwriting woes
Frosting piles + Oreos

Will be enough to sell this sweet confection.

Can't you see this at your wedding, little ladies?
All the frosting hides the fact it leans.

Yes, I'm preaching to the choir
When I say, "Pile it higher!"
I always tell the bride,
"More Buttercream!"


More Buttercream!
Lick that lid clean!

And I know some of you think this is extreme!

Though our cakes leave stomachs screaming
There's a child inside you beaming

'Cause secretly you want more buttercream.

Yes, secretly you want more buttercreeeeeeam!


Thanks to Shannon S., Layla C., McKenzie R., Sarah, Jennifer, Heather M., Monica M., Anony M., Charity, & Maggie L. for living the dream, Cake Wrecks style.


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