Sunday Sweets: No More Tiers!

This week I thought we'd look at cakes just like me: short, but sweet.


Not only are today's Sweets all a single tier tall, they're also fantastic inspiration for us mere mortals. After all, most of us will never attempt a giant showstopper cake, but we MIGHT get ambitious with a little one.

(By The Cake That Ate Paris)

Which isn't to say I have any chance of crafting something this lovely, but a girl can dream, right?
(And please tell me they used a template for those perfect polka dots. )


Look at this sweet swirly rose!

(By Sarah's Pastries & Candies, now DBA S. Levy Foods)

I like the touch of glitter on the edges.


Or instead of one BIG flower, you could try a whole bouquet:

(By Arty Tarts)


Or go for something dark and dramatic:

(By Mito Sweets)

That metallic red! Yes.


This blue damask is my favorite color combo today:

(By Layers & Crumbs)

It's just so rich, and that little pop of gold, with all those clean lines? Perfection.


But a standing ovation, please, for the bakery making beauties like this using only buttercream:

(By White Flower Cake Shoppe)

That's right, no fondant! It IS possible!


Not that I'm slamming fondant, of course. Fondant gives us perfect pastel ruffles:

(By Wooden Heart Cakes)


And sugarpaste gives us gorgeous, porcelain-like flowers:

(By Truffle Cake & Pastry, featured here)

In fact, I've always liked that you can keep your gumpaste flowers as a souvenir, long after the cake itself is gone.


Here's one of my favorite designs for ages:

(By Zoe Clark Cakes)

I've always wanted to try this someday. I love how the roses seem to float right on the top edge.


And finally, let's talk about this clever use of the cake board:

(By Marina Danovska)

Lace overload! Look at all that glorious texture! And you guys, did you see? It has a tiny ladybug on top. AAA! Love.


Happy Sunday, everyone!


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