Sunday Sweets BRINGS CAKE To The Library!

It's National Library Week this week, so who's ready to sink your teeth into a good book or two?

(By Janette MacPherson Cake Craft)

Or seven or eight?


Assuming you can convince anyone these are edible, of course.

(By Mel's Amazing Cakes)


Have you seen the new 3D storybook trend? Because it is SO COOL:

(By Laura Jane Cake Design)

Talk about a tall tale!


And "wood" you believe this retirement cake?

(By Merritt's Bakery)



(I've decided we need more librarian-themed cakes, y'all, because librarians rock and that cake is awesome.)


Here's another storybook cake, this time more like a pop-up:

(By Bake-A-Boo)

Loooove those illustrations. Seriously. Unlike the cake, I'm melting.


Ooh, here's an idea for my fellow bibliophiles:

(By Cake Studio)

A book-themed wedding cake!

(Even the teacup and candle are edible! YOWZA.)


This next one won gold in a Tolkien-themed tribute contest, and it's easy to see why:

(By Cupcakes & Dreams Portugal)


What sorcery is this??


Do you think instead of cutting the cake they just handed out books for everyone to eat? Because that would make me indescribably happy.


Speaking of sorcery and happiness, we can't celebrate books and the magical places that let us read them for free without a little Potter magic, now can we?

(By Cheryl Clement, posted here on Flickr)



And one more, which isn't technically a book because it's a journal, but I think you'll forgive me:

(by CakesDecor member Francesca Liotta)

Because oooooh. [grabby hands]

Slytherins never follow the rules anyway, right?


And finally, let's end with the sweetest lil' library cake you ever will see:

(By New Delhi Cake Company)



Now, who wants to go to the library? Remember to thank a librarian while you're there!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope it's Sweet!


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