The Sinking of De Mayo

One Week Ago:

"Ok, gang, Cinco de Mayo is coming up and we need cake ideas. Jerry?"

Jerry: "Uh... clowns?"

"I like it. Priscilla?

"Heads on platters?"

"Priscilla, according to Wikipedia this is a holiday that 'celebrates Mexican-American heritage.' C'mon."

"Brown heads on platters?"

"That's better.


"Daryl! Whattaya got?"

"Uh, how about a cactus... drying off with a tiny towel?"

"Oooh, edgy. Pat?"


"I dunno, maybe a hat? Or one of those chips and salsa serving dishes?"

"Yes! Keep 'em guessing. Excellent.


"And I've saved the best for last, because Phil, you always wow us. SO. What've you got?"

"Well, I thought I'd bring in something authentic, while still keeping the overall design accessible to the masses."

[stunned silence]

"Did... did you just stick a taco shell on one of our old birthday cookie-cakes?"


"Everyone grab a taco shell. We have work to do!"


Thanks to Matt J., Sarah D., Trayce C., & Roxanne M. for giving us something to taco 'bout.


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