Sunday Sweets: Fabulous Faux Flowers

Hey all! john (the hubby of Jen) here. The next time you see "fresh flowers" on a cake, look more closely. They might actually be gumpaste.

(Made by LynnInSingapore)

I love the yellow and purple flowers on this one. I'm not very good with all the names, but I think they're daisies. And the photography is stunning, too.


(Made by Abbie Tabbie)

These aren't on a cake yet, but I thought Abbie's work on that top flower was especially fantastic. (Pretty sure it's a daisy.) Check out the blending of the pale green!


Next, we have the work of Ellen Bartlett:

She makes a mean daisy.


(See more of Ellen's work at Cakes To Remember)

You know you're dealing with skilled artisans when you have to email them to make sure the flowers aren't real.

(I did. They aren't.)


Our next cakes were made by Lyndsey Gamble:

I love the big bunches of flowers. Daisies.


Not only are the flowers fantastic, but check out the lace and ribbon work! (Yes, those are sugar, too.)


I love the orange and purple so much.


Just look at the veining in the petals! Wow. Those are some sweet daisies.


Such a cool design: the minimalism of the cake makes the flower burst really "pop."


(See more of Lyndsey's work at Elegantly Iced)


As a guy who's spent the last three years staring at some the of the best and worst cakes in the world, I often wish that I could go back to our wedding day and get a more memorable cake. Of course, knowing Jen, we'd then have to choose between a beautiful cake like this - only covered in poppies - or a perfect scale model of a Borg cube inscribed with "Resistance is futile." :)

Have an amazing Sunday, everybody!


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