Somewhere In Germany...

"Tyler! Stop hitting your sister. Oh, look, hun! A bakery with an outdoor cafe! Let's stop in and get a treat for the kids. Whaddya say, Madison? Sound good?

"Oooh, wow, it all looks good! So hard to decide. Well, I think I'll get a couple of the chocolate donuts for the kids... Oh! And I'll have some of that cherry cheesecake. Yummy... hm? What's that, hun? Oh, ok. ...And my wife would like a big ol' slice of the dong cake, please!"


"Tyler! Get your face off the glass!"

Ah, Europe! You're so... European.


Thanks to Andrea G. (And yes, the smiley face really did have to be that big.)


Originally I told you guys to just e-mail me if you wanted to see the uncensored cake, and then I'd have John e-mail it to you individually. Hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of e-mailed dong cakes later, and John's thrown in the towel. So here. The uncensored dong cake. Enjoy. You dirty, dirty cake lovers, you. (We should do lunch!)


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