You'll Never Say "I Do" The Same After Seeing This Engagement Cake

Nicole's friends had a casual engagement party, so to have a little fun with it they called it the "I Do Barbecue." It's cute, it's descriptive, it rhymes - what could go wrong?

Oh wait, that's right: THEY ORDERED A CAKE.

Mistake #1, you guys.

Or should I say "Mistake #2?"

Yep, thanks to an unfortunate choice of "BBQ" design and a truly baffling emphasis in the wording, the happy couple ended up [snerk]... with this:


Take a second. Really explore this one. This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

And hey, if you ever decide to turn your spa colonic into a more social event, we've got the cake for it, right here!

Just, please, no chocolate.


Thanks to Nicole, who reports the "I Do" BBQ was so draining that she was completely wiped in the end.


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