Sunday Sweets: Kids Cartoons!

Kids' shows get some of the cutest cakes, you guys. I don't even have kids, and I had a blast looking for these!

Just look at this adorable Doc McStuffins cake:

[By Valentina Pollicino in Italy]



When I Googled the most popular kids' shows of 2018, I was amazed to see Pokémon still on the list. Good thing, though, since that means I get to show you this jaw-dropping Pikachu:

[By Le Delizie di Kicca in Italy]

The shading makes it look more like a ceramic sculpture than a cake! Also loving all the lightning bolts.


Oh hey, here's a show I've actually watched before: Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug & Cat Noir

[By Soraia Amorim Sugar Artist in Portugal]

So impressed with the mix of 2D and 3D - plus that little ladybug & cat are adorable.


Judging by the amount of incredible Paw Patrol cakes out there, it must be a HIT with the little ones:

[By Medena Radionica in Serbia]

I like the little tower!


And speaking of popular shows, obviously My Little Pony is huuuuuge. John and I are even fans. I could do a whole post of great MLP cakes, but instead here's one of the cutest Pinkie Pie cakes I've ever seen:

[By Cakes By Ashley in Texas]

My favorite is how the flowers look like they're made of rolled-up balloon. I could totally see Pinkie making those with her stash of party balloons. :)


Here come another show I've been a fan of since the original: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

[Baker Unknown. Anyone recognize it?]

Look how fun this is, with the pizza base and that river of toxic sludge out the side! I would have loved this cake back in middle school... or heck, even today. (The reboot is awesome, I've got to catch up on it someday.)


I've seen a lot of people cosplay from this next one: Star vs The Forces of Evil

[By Andrea Bertini in Argentina]

The premise sounds hilarious in the best way, any of you watch it? I think I need to check it out.


One of my good friends has 3 young kids, and they are alllll about LEGO: Ninjago

[By Sweet Obsessions in Malaysia]

Even the figures are sugar! Wowza.


Speaking of my friend's kids, John and I got to theme her daughter's room after Elena of Avalor, so I've had a soft spot for that character ever since:

[Baker Unknown. Anyone recognize it?]

I love Elena's red-and-teal color scheme with all the bright flowers - so pretty, I want to wear them in my hair!


Years ago a reader e-mailed to tell me about this show her kids were watching: it was adorable and kind of steampunk-styled, so she thought of me. The show was called Octonauts, and now that I see this cake I want figurines of all the characters:

[By Amanda's Little Cake Boutique (new name) in the UK]

SO CUTE. Love all the soft pastels - and that submarine looks like a toy you could pick up and play with, not sculpted sugar! Amazing.


Happy Sunday, everyone! I think I'll go watch some cartoons now. :)


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