Absolutely Ribbeting

Y'know, maybe we're being unrealistic to expect acceptable cakes EVERY time we order.

I mean, what's that expression?

"You've got to kiss a lot of frogs to fi-..."

No, sorry, I said "frog."


Try again?

Still no.


You know, frog. Green. Hops. Lives in swamps.

[long silence]


I think we both know you can do better than THAT.



We both were wrong.



Stop it.


LOOK, I just want ONE vaguely frog-like cake so I can do a kissing metaphor here. Is that asking too much?

Ew. Like ANYONE's going to want to kiss that.

Well played, bakers.

Well played.


Even though they almost made us croak, we jumped for joy when Deborah B., Kelly P., Wesley T., Loren K., Shae, Amy F., & Nicole F. sent these to our pad.


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