Sunday Sweets: Dark Beauties

There's really no such thing as a "typical" wedding cake anymore.
So today, we're going to give in to our dark sides a little.

We have to start with classic black, right?

(By Hey There Cupcake, California)

Stunning, hand-painted black.


Of course, there are a lot of dark choices beyond black. How about this gorgeous teal number?

(By Have+Some+Cake, United Kingdom)

The rich color, offset tier, and hand-painting really put this one over the top.


Or maybe you'd prefer a forest that isn't at all forbidding.

(By Immaculate Confections, United Kingdom)

In fact, I'd call it enchanting.


This red cake was inspired by Melisandre, the Red Priestess from "Game of Thrones."

(By Candytuft Cakes, Ireland)

It doesn't need to cast a glamour to be beautiful. Wow.


Then there are the times you just want to burst onto the scene and yell, "Ta da!"

(By Kuchen Diva, Switzerland)

Ta da!

The "origami" is edible wafer paper. So clever.


This purple cake isn't exactly a shrinking violet:

(By Dolce Lusso Cakes, United Kingdom)

Those are handmade sugar orchids; I like how the gold leaf really makes them pop.


And look at all the different textures on this stunner:

(By Foxtail Bakeshop, Oregon)

Quick. Somebody knit me this cake!


The baker went for a crumpled metal effect on this steampunk-inspired cake, very funky cool:

(By Sylwia Sobiegraj The Cake Designer, Ireland)

Plus it took me a second to realize only two of the roses are sculpted; the middle one is hand-painted.
Proving yet again that steampunk doesn't have to be brown!


Not that there's anything wrong with brown, of course...

(By Cove Cake Design, Ireland)

Mmm. Do you think that's chocolate? I think it's chocolate. Does anyone have a fork so I can check? And maybe some milk?

But I digress...


Let's end with a splash of deep, dark color:

(By The Cocoa Cakery, Canada)

I think I'm in love.

These cakes certainly prove there's no reason to be afraid of the dark.

Isn't that Sweet?


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