Baby Gilbert Better Be The Pirate Ship, Is All I'm Saying

Warning: Fondant nipples ahead

(And I love my job.)


I've never had to tell anyone they're pregnant, but I like to think I'd do it with style.

You know, like this:

Wait for it.




See, that's what we call a... PREGNANT PAUSE.

(Bonus points if it's not his birthday.)


Mom-to-be Anne wanted her bakery to really emphasize the "ARE," and boy did they:

Please be a pirate please be a pirate pleasebeapirate.


Which brings me to something's that's not so much a pregnancy announcement as it is an object lesson in the importance of proper comma usage:



And last but most disturbing, I decided to see if we have any "pirate baby" cakes in the ol' CW archives. You know, just to fit the theme.

Guys, my search DID NOT DISAPPOINT:

 One of you did this. ONE OF YOUUUUU.

::high five::


Thanks to Leah R., Anne M., Bradford C., & Brianna E., who should know that John and I did discuss censoring the top, but ultimately decided to Free The Nipple Carrot Jockeys.


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