Missed Marks To Make You Go NOOOOOOOO

Anna D. ordered a cake to look like this top tier:

So... pink and blingy. Gotcha.


Now, before I show you what she got, have you ever seen those stress toys with the eyes that pop out when you squeeze them?

You have?

Ok, cool.

Just curious.



You can scroll down now.

Deep breaths, Jen, deep breaths. It's NOT a living thing, and those bubble things are NOT growing and/or pulsating. They're NOT.

You know what, let's just keep scrolling.



Speaking of cakes that look unfortunately skin-like, Cassie P. ordered this adorable giraffe cake:


...but instead, she got this:

There's a sound for this cake, and it goes something like:



And finally, how about a wedding cake? Wedding cakes are always fun.

OK, so Jessica ordered this cheery sunflower number:



...and I'm happy to report that the baker was extremely thorough, and managed to get everything - with only one tiny exception - entirely and completely wrong.

I think your baker grabbed someone else's cake and jammed in those sunflower headlights last second, Jessica.

But on the plus side, if you back up and squint a little - or a lot - it's totally smiling at us.


Thanks to Anna D., Cassie P., & Jessica C. for all having rhyming last initials; that makes it more fun for me, see? TEEHEE.


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