Who You Callin' "Turkey Lover?"

Does it make sense that June is National Turkey Lovers Month?


Am I going to shamelessly exploit this to share heinously bad turkey wrecks anyway?


Now, behold!


We've all wished our turkeys had tentacles at some time or other, right?


Does the phrase "poop mushroom cloud" mean anything to you?

How about now?


I like to think this little guy is on his way back from the library:

'Cuz he's a book worm.

Eh? EH?


I forgot to check if this month is for people who love turkeys or just love eating them, so let's cover all the bases:

That's, er, supposed to be a cooked turkey.

I know, I know, the half-eaten bunch of grapes distracted you. (Me, too.)


Oh look, this one comes with a pee-pee pear!

AND a fun-guy 'shroom? OooOOOooo. Now that's what I call an embarrassment of riches.


Which reminds me: what turkey post is complete without an angry feathered phallus?

Well lucky you, minions, because here comes one now:

Take a moment. Take it all in.

And yes, the cake DOES appear to say "Eat Me" at the bottom. Because this, my friends, is the gift that keeps on giving.


Happy Turkey Lovers Month, gang. Gobble gobble.


Thanks to Mel, Crista C., Melanie G., Irene G., Jennifer H., & Sarah L. for the stiff competition.


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