HEY JUDE, Don't Bake It Bad

When I find my cake's in times of trouble

Cake Wrecks Jen, she comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom:

"Let it bleed."


And when my flower's oozing darkness


Or icing balloons spring a leak:

Cake Wrecks Words of Wisdom:

Let it bleed.


Let it bleed


Let it lean!


Let it seep,


Then let us see!

Cake Wrecks wants to laugh, too

So let us see.



Happy World Beatles Day!

Thanks to Sarah, Brandy R., Michelle L., Diane B., Adria P., Lisa J., Valerie O., Lisa P., Kerinsa M., & Ann for helping us COME TOGETHER for a DAY IN THE LIFE of wreckage IN MY LIFE. You CAN'T BUY ME LOVE, but you can buy cake, which is sort of the same thing.

Oh, almost forgot! John wanted me to include this for extra smiles today. Enjoy!


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